STP Broker

triomarkets stp broker

At TrioMarkets™ we offer our clients a straight through processing (STP) solution.

What is STP? STP is a name given when upon the receipt of a client order, it will pass the order directly to the liquidity provider. STP is a unique alternative which optimizes the speed of transactions by avoiding any interventions of a dealing desk.

Orders are automatically passed to our liquidity providers which then allows us to process trade orders in an efficient and timely manner that will meet the highest level of clients’ satisfaction.

An STP broker in effect will allow its clients to trade during the release times of financial news without any restrictions. No strategy restrictions, trade as you wish whenever you want to.

triomarkets stp broker

Why choose an STP broker?

The answer is very simple. Aside from the basic descriptions and terminologies of what an STP broker is, the main fact to know is that as a Client, any losses encountered are not the company’s profits. It is in our best interest for your trades to be profitable.

An STP broker does not trade against a client’s orders, instead a small markup is added to the spread by a certain amount of fractional pips to the bid and ask price of your trades.

At TrioMarkets™, we offer our clients access to market depth rates through an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) in order to provide the best execution policy. Being an STP broker means that we are more transparent with your trades as you are in fact entering trades in a true market instead of an artificial market that may be created by a broker that is a market maker.

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