triomarkets swap-free account

A forex Islamic account also known as a swap free account simply implies that no swap or rollover interest is added to overnight positions.

Our Islamic account is uniquely created for online traders from Arabic countries. This account is designed to give everything our Trading Accounts offer, with the main characteristic of no swap points.

Our Swap free account includes all the benefits of our normal trading accounts with direct access to your account manager and our customer support team.

triomarkets swap-free account

Main characteristics of Swap free account:

• No interest/ swap charges on overnight positions
• No commissions
• No re-quotes or hidden costs
• 100% real time market execution
• No spread widening imposed by the company
• 100% Shariah Compliant

Please note that spread widening will not be imposed by the company and we cannot control any spread widening on the markets due to political events or news.

Here at TrioMarkets™ we value all our traders from around the world. In order to abide by the religious laws of Islam traders of Islamic belief are forbidden to pay interest and we here acknowledge and respect that law and therefore we guarantee.

No Commissions, No Spread Widening and No Hidden Fees.

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