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Date:October 13, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Up & down GBP/USD, hits big cross-over – 13 OCT 2017

Throughout the calendar year the general trend (indicated on the 4-hr cable chart below by the bold Cyan line) of the cable has been moving upwards; this is a representation


Date:October 12, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

FOMC minutes reveal divide about rate hike timing – 12 OCT 2017

Yesterday, the FOMC minutes regarding their most recent meeting revealed that policymakers have got conflicting views surrounding inflation and the desired trajectory of the policy interest rate. The markets’ reactions


Date:October 11, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Oil prices jump on Saudi commitment – 11 OCT 2017

Oil prices rose by about 2% yesterday, as investors rallied after support by Saudi Arabian to cut exports from November by 560,000 barrels per day (bpd). This commitment is in


Date:October 10, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

5th round of Brexit talks gets underway – 10 OCT 2017

The 5th round of the Brexit negotiations started this week, and first indications are that the EU will not negotiate about trade until a financial agreement is in place for


Date:October 9, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Pounded GBP/USD rises on poor NFP figures – 09 OCT 2017

The dollar has started the week by returning back to its 2017 downward trend. Market participants have had the weekend to chew over the US jobs reports and the US


Date:October 9, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Weekly review – 09 OCT 2017

Last week we saw a continuation of political uncertainty in the EU, after a surprising illegal vote in Catalonia which categorically showed a desire from the People to leave Spanish


Date:October 6, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

US jobs data shows wage growth hits 2.9% per annum – 06 OCT 2017

The much anticipated US jobs data has shown that although the Non-Farming Payroll (NFP) figures massively-missed-expectations to the downside, the major news is the weekly earning rate increased by 0.5%.


Date:October 6, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

NFP Preview – 06 OCT 2017

Since the previous Non-Farming Payroll (NFP), USD seems to have bottomed-out and has begun to recover. How sustainable this recovery is, only time will tell. But currently a lot of


Date:October 5, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

GBP markets get pounded – 05 OCT 2017

Without any economic data for investors to stew on from the UK or Europe, the markets have made a clear statement regarding GBP……. by selling it. Yesterday a speech at


Date:October 5, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Troubles in Catalonia continue – 05 OCT 2017

Last Sunday, the Spanish state of Catalonia had an independence referendum vote. The EU and Spanish government have said that the vote was illegal and undemocratic. However, regardless of voters

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