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Date:December 20, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Terror over Turkey and Germany
20 Dec 2016

While BOJ monetary policy remains unchanged, the economic outlook has been upgraded slightly. Investors focus more on Monday terrorism events in Turkey where the Russian ambassador was shot and killed


Date:December 19, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

China, Yellen and BoJ will give the Tone
19 Dec 2016

With Christmas not far away we expect a quiet day with minor trading opportunities and low volatility. Today we will focus on Yellen speech on the state of the job


Date:December 16, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

USD king after Fed hawkish projections
16 dec 2016

Fed did not surprise the markets by hiking 25 basis points to 0.75%. Markets are surprised by Fed’s hawkish tone and the fact that the ‘dot plot’ of interest rates


Date:December 14, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

FOMC time and what to expect
14 Dec 2016

The basic question for today is whether Fed hikes and whether it gives a higher future projections for inflation and growth without causing a further skyrocket for USD and a


Date:December 13, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

FOMC Spotlight – 13 Dec 2016

China continues to show some improvement on macroeconomic data while market monitor higher oil prices which can boost higher future inflation expectations. It will be interesting to see how markets


Date:December 12, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Markets focusing on FED – 12 dec 2016

Today we got an empty macroeconomic calendar. We see a risk on mood in the early European hours after a new PM was appointed in Italy. Market expects that the


Date:December 9, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

ECB Balances North & South Europe – 9 dec 2016

ECB yesterday extended the asset purchases for nine month’s instead of six months but reduced the amount of bonds bought from 80 billion to 60, basically it increased total the


Date:December 8, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Awaiting most interesting ECB Announcement of 2016 – 8 dec 2016

• All eyes on ECB today, markets are focusing on whether ECB will extend QE after March 2017 or not, the longer the extension the better it will be for


Date:December 7, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Buying eurostoxx lows as ECB will surprise – 7 dec 2016

European citizens are clearly in a state of dissatisfaction, Europe is running out of time. Mario Draghi is experienced and clever enough to know what he should do in order


Date:December 6, 2016 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Focus on Italian Banks – 25 Nov 2016

Yesterday euro had a remarkable 300 pips rally despite the resignation of Italian PM Renzi and the fears that Italian banking system is under troubles. Market shows at the moment

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