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Date:March 20, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Russia & Gold on Parallel Prospects – 20 MAR 2017

Beautiful The Dovish Hike in interest rate last week cause Gold to rise as it is directly connected to the US Dollar, the fact that the Fed did not show

Date:March 16, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Euro Domino Effect Stalled? – White House Budget Plan – 16 MAR 2017

Beautiful Market moves from yesterdays expected interest rate hike, The Fed has made it easier for investor to anticipate it, along with the inflation expectations that were spot on at

Dutch Vote

Date:March 15, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

How will the Dutch Vote – Anticipated Fed Hike turn out? – 15 MAR 2017

Netherlands is finally taking its race to the ballot. It has been reported that Mark Rutte from the centre-right People Party of Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is currently in the

Green light for Brexit

Date:March 14, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Green light to go ahead with Brexit – 14 MARCH 2017

Today is a dead market in terms of movement and volatility, regards to key economic events we have only the industrial production of China and the PPI of America. There


Date:March 13, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

FOMC- Netherlands Wednesday Intraday Trading – 13 MARCH 2017

A busy week is ahead for all, the most crucial day of week for us would be Wednesday when the Fed is meant to announce policy changes in addition to


Date:March 10, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Intraday Dream trading – 10 MARCH 2017

The long awaited Non-Farm Employment Change is upon us. As we mentioned earlier this is what every trader get ups for on Friday morning. This is key economical figure that


Date:March 9, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Shale on the Rise- Asia Is coming to U.S- Focus on ECB – 09 MARCH 2017

Crude oil drops as inventories update is at 8.2 million compared to 1.1m expected. This is a huge gap between what was expected and what the actual results were, due


Date:March 8, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Crude Stagnant while Equities Trumpflation trading Fades – 08 MARCH 2017

West Texas Intermediate has been an eye sour this week trailing between the ranges of 53-54. This may be a blessing for some investors on the fact that Crude is


Date:March 7, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Germany’s policy on record low imports and exceeding exports – 07 MARCH 2017

A Gift and a Curse Germany trade surplus has been a huge debate in Berlin and Washington about Germany’s policy on record low imports and exceeding exports. It is seen


Date:March 6, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

China is now the Global leader in the Banking system – 06 MARCH 2017

Last week on Friday Yellen continued her rhetoric on the subject of interest rates to continue expecting a gradual increase in interest rate if U.S economic data continues to come

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