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Dutch Vote

Date:March 15, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

How will the Dutch Vote – Anticipated Fed Hike turn out? – 15 MAR 2017

Netherlands is finally taking its race to the ballot. It has been reported that Mark Rutte from the centre-right People Party of Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is currently in the

Green light for Brexit

Date:March 14, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Green light to go ahead with Brexit – 14 MARCH 2017

Today is a dead market in terms of movement and volatility, regards to key economic events we have only the industrial production of China and the PPI of America. There


Date:March 13, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

FOMC- Netherlands Wednesday Intraday Trading – 13 MARCH 2017

A busy week is ahead for all, the most crucial day of week for us would be Wednesday when the Fed is meant to announce policy changes in addition to


Date:March 10, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Intraday Dream trading – 10 MARCH 2017

The long awaited Non-Farm Employment Change is upon us. As we mentioned earlier this is what every trader get ups for on Friday morning. This is key economical figure that


Date:March 9, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Shale on the Rise- Asia Is coming to U.S- Focus on ECB – 09 MARCH 2017

Crude oil drops as inventories update is at 8.2 million compared to 1.1m expected. This is a huge gap between what was expected and what the actual results were, due


Date:March 8, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Crude Stagnant while Equities Trumpflation trading Fades – 08 MARCH 2017

West Texas Intermediate has been an eye sour this week trailing between the ranges of 53-54. This may be a blessing for some investors on the fact that Crude is


Date:March 7, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Germany’s policy on record low imports and exceeding exports – 07 MARCH 2017

A Gift and a Curse Germany trade surplus has been a huge debate in Berlin and Washington about Germany’s policy on record low imports and exceeding exports. It is seen


Date:March 6, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

China is now the Global leader in the Banking system – 06 MARCH 2017

Last week on Friday Yellen continued her rhetoric on the subject of interest rates to continue expecting a gradual increase in interest rate if U.S economic data continues to come


Date:March 3, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Quite before the Yellen! – 03 MARCH 2017

The silence before the Storm as many would describe the closing day of the week where the Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen is to produce a speech long waited. What


Date:March 2, 2017 • Posted by: TrioMarkets Team

Focus on Gold & USD during FED speech – 02 MARCH 2017

As usual the U.S stock are on a constant rise as they continuously receive positive support via government official speeches, this week Trump addressing the Congress was a very appeasing

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