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Popular Cryptocurrencies

Why are CFDs on Cryptos a good alternative to buying cryptos?

Exploring the Diverse World of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin CFD

The first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin paved the way for all the rest of hundreds of cryptocurrencies with a market cap of over $100 billion.

Ethereum CFD

The undoubted world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, following Bitcoin. A large number of established well-known organizations have actively supported Ethereum few of which are Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Intel.

Litecoin CFD

Designed by a former Google engineer to improve upon Bitcoin’s technology, based on an open-source cryptographic protocol is ultimately decentralized, offers quicker processing using the SegWit speeding method for transaction times without compromising the underlying blockchain technology.

Ripple CFD

Ripple is based on a distributed open-source protocol that supports tokens and functions as both a transaction network and a crypto token. The most popular cryptocurrency among banks and a means of global money transfers has experienced a period of growth.