Forex Trading with TrioMarkets

Foreign exchange market, often called FX which is the process of buying one currency against the selling of the other.

Until very recently, FX trading was only available for large financial institutions, central banks, corporations, the very wealthy and hedge funds. Now, thanks to the internet anyone can trade currencies.

Popular FX Pairs

Why Trade Currencies?

Exploring the Diverse World of Currency Pairs


Major currency pairs are the most liquid pairs to trade which include the US Dollar. Such as the EUR/ USD and the USD/JPY.


Minor currency pairs do not have the USD and are known as crosses. Such as the EUR/GBP or the EUR/JPY.


Exotic currency pairs can also be traded with us such as, the USD/NOK. These currency pairs are made up of a major currency pair coupled with the currency of a developing economy.

Why Trade Currencies?

Low Daily Volatility

Daily volatility for most currencies is usually small. In general, world currencies move less than a percentage point during a trading day. This makes the FX market one of the least volatile markets in the world.

100% Automated Transactions

100% automated with no re-quotes or rejections unless upper and lower bounds are set to protect against price volatility. No dealing desk or algorithmic software intervention to push trades to the broker’s favor.

Navigating Currency Spreads

Trading on FX means that you are buying the difference or spread between the two currencies.

Fast Reliable Trading

With TrioMarkets we ensure that all transactions are fully automated which means your trades are executed efficiently and settled instantly. We call this “fast reliable trading”.

Why with TrioMarkets™?

Spread from 0 pips

Leverage up to 1:500

High Execution Speed

130+ Instruments