Gestion de Portefeuille

triomarkets portfolio management

Our dedicated team of active managers at TrioMarkets™ are responsible in doing research, analyzing and monitoring the markets. Our aim is to offer a maximum performance with the lowest possible risk by creating a sophisticated portfolio that the investor seeks according to your needs, priorities and level of willingness to take risk.

Investors are provided with an all-time access to track their portfolios. Our Portfolio management offers a range across two asset classes – Equity and Debt, with multiple options for each asset class.

triomarkets portfolio management

Discretionary Management Service

Nowadays the majority of people do not wish to or actually have the time or expertise to look after their own investments on a daily basis, which is why we offer Discretionary Management Services.

Our Discretionary Management Services provide you with the opportunity to place your wealth, via your financial adviser, with our investment team who will take full responsibility for the construction, active management and administration of your investment portfolio.

triomarkets portfolio management

Our Portfolio Management Service offers the following benefits:

Active asset allocation
Portfolio Advisory
Dedicated Wealth Managers
A rigorous fund selection process
Portfolio diversification
Ongoing fund monitoring
Portfolio invested in low cost institutional share classes
Access to a wider range of fund managers
Reduced administration for you
A transparent portfolio structure

Our 3 types of portfolio:
Suitable for an investor who is seeking lower risk and wants to focus more on perusing a modest level of portfolio appreciation with minimal loss and volatility. The best choice for an investor who is seeking a balance between portfolio stability and appreciation. This kind of portfolio is identical for those who focus on growth and diversification. Investor focusing on perusing portfolio over time.
Stocks 40% Stocks 40% Stocks 80%
Bonds 45% Bonds 35% Bonds 15%
Cash 15% Cash 15% Cash 5%

For more information or queries on Portfolio management contact our sales department.

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