Metal Trading with TrioMarkets

A precious metal is deemed precious because it is rare and has a high economic value.

Metals are a physical commodity that have always played an important role in history and will continue to be valued. Demand for these metals has increased around the world, driving prices up in recent years.

Popular Metals

Exploring the Diverse World of Metals


Silver is an extremely volatile metal. Because silver is widely used in jewellery and consumer goods, supply and demand have a significant impact on price movement in this commodity.


Gold is the most popular commodity traded. Gold has always been a favourite asset among investors during times of market uncertainty and financial crisis.


Palladium is recognised as a chemically stable metal. It is one of the most important international commodities and is up to 30 times rarer than gold.


Platinum is one of the world's rarest metals. Platinum has very special properties that are in high demand in a variety of industries. This has resulted in unpredictable supply and demand fluctuations.