Meet the Excellence of TrioMarkets

MT4 Trio Xtend is a suite of market-informed apps created for TrioMarkets traders to optimize their ability to trade successfully.

Offering traders cutting-edge tools as an extension to the MT4 trading platform, MT4 TrioXtend gives both novice and experienced traders the unique opportunity to trade as professionals.

Key Features

The perfect personal trading assistant, featuring event based alerts on trade activity, market news, price action, and has the ability to perform automated actions, such as sending emails, SMS, or opening trades.
Offering traders the ability to connect to news, economic calendar, live signals and to get educated all from the MT4 platform.
Compares the correlation between two assets, providing the opportunity for quick trade execution based on real-time comparisons between markets.
Provides traders with valuable insight into market information on the correlation between assets in different markets, allowing traders to quickly assess their market exposure risk.
Powerful analysis tool in Excel based on real-time market data, enabling traders to monitor, evaluate, and report data directly from the MT4.
Provides full control over market watch prices, and all trading account activity. Traders can manage their account, orders and executions from one convenient window.
Create pending and market order templates for ultra-fast execution. The Mini Terminal is a stand-alone smaller version of the Trade Terminal, focusing on a single market.
Offers live sentiment data across markets, enabling traders to be updated real-time on market sentiment and trade more effectively. The app also shows historic sentiment stats alongside market prices.
Shows live and pending trading session times across the world map indicating key markets and peak liquidity times and markers for future news announcements.
Provides traders the opportunity to place hidden pending orders, stop losses and take profits, which will only appear in their MT4 account when actual market execution occurs.
Displays a variety of different tick charts and boasts a one-click trading functionality allowing traders the opportunity to execute short-term trades swiftly and precisely. This tool is perfect for scalpers.
A fully functional, all-in-one app offering traders speedy order execution and position management. It features, among others advanced stop-loss and take profit components, advanced close-all functions, in-depth order calculations (pip value, size), order templates, and OCO orders.
An Indicator package filled with highly sought after chart indicators, featuring Renko, Order History, Pivot, Chart Group, Candle Countdown, Freehand Drawing and many more.

Available Manuals

All MT4 TrioXtend apps are fully supported by comprehensive user guides, and are available to traders using MT4 TrioXtend.