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TrioMarkets™ is dedicated to bringing you the latest trading trends and technology.

Social trading is the newest and most exciting trend to help bring our clients together. It connects traders from all over the world into one big social network. Social trading empowers traders to learn from each other’s skills to trade smarter and faster and faster. This type of collective wisdom will take your trading ability to trade to the next level. A level that you thought was once unachievable. Nobody does it better than TrioMarkets™.

Social trading is an amazing tool for Forex and financial investments and we are always keen in developing new tools to take advantage of this new trend.


TrioMarkets has 2 Social Trading platforms:

1. TrioSocio
2. MT4 Social Trading


How Does TrioSocio Work?

Social Trading allows traders from all over the world to interact with one another. It enables an individual trader access to better sources of information and lets traders share knowledge and ideas on global financial markets. TrioSocio utilizes this concept and is a modern way of analyzing the FX market providing a framework to copy trades, techniques and strategies. With TrioSocio, traders can shorten the transition from novice to experienced trading.

TrioMarkets grants all our clients’ access to a platform that enables traders to follow, and copy the trades of traders with a successful track record. TrioSocio allows you to manage your portfolio, control your risk appetite and diversify your investment based on different strategies.

The TrioSocio platform allows a trader to follow and copy other traders that trade directly with Trio Markets or with other brokerages. You will be able to see their track record and can decide how much of your portfolio you would like to invest in their strategy.

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How Does MT4 Social Trading Work?

TrioMarkets allows you to build a suitable social trading network that suits your needs and experience level. This is done to enrich your trading experience.
TrioMarkets brings you live feeds to see trading activity so you can see what and how fellow traders are trading.
You can follow trades that interest you to learn from seasoned veterans.
We give you the ability to copy a trade that mirrors your own trading strategy and comfort level. This is incorporated into our award winning MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

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Benefits of Social Trading: Whatever your experience, the social trading network can work for you.

triomarkets social trading


Choose from a list of popular investors to follow and copy their trades and strategies.
Track the performance of any trader you are following.
Interact with other traders to gain useful insights and trading strategies. Open discussions with other traders enables you to gauge investor sentiment so you can get a sense of which direction a market is going.
The ability to gauge investor sentiment so you can get a sense of which direction a market is going in.


The ability to recruit followers who are interested in your skill and trades.
See how other experienced traders are trading. Earn additional income based on how many followers you have copying your trades.

We give you full support for social trading while the markets are open.

For any questions on how to use the social trading program, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team.

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