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A commodity is a basic good that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.

Commodities are often inputs used in production for other goods and services. Another definition for a commodity is any good exchanged for commerce. This includes any product that is traded on a commodity exchange like the CBOE (Chicago board Options exchange).

The History of commodities trading goes back thousands of years and commodities have shaped history and continue to do so by having a big impact on the course of nations. Both shortages and oversupply of commodities can be devastating to global economies.

The commodities market is known to be extremely volatile and TrioMarkets gives you access to the most liquid commodities market, allowing you to trade with maximum leverage your favorite commodities on our MT4 platform.


Trade the following Commodities with TrioMarkets™:
triomarkets crude oil
• Crude oil

Oil has a huge standing within the world’s economic and political systems. Crude oil offers high liquidity and therefore creates excellent trading opportunities. Crude oil just like many other assets is affected by supply and demand.



triomarkets brentoil
• Brent

Brent is a sweet light crude oil which is sourced from the North Sea. Also known as Brent petroleum it serves a major benchmark price for purchases of oil worldwide.


triomarkets natural gas
• Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the cleanest and safest energy supplies available in the world. Natural gas is in greatest demand during the winter season to meet commercial and domestic heating needs. It is one of the world’s most appealing globally traded commodities.



Commodities are the raw materials that fuel global economies and spur growth.

All of us in one way or the other have interacted with commodities as we use natural gas for heat in our homes and use oil in our cars. Big commodity price movements have been known to drive political actions, from subsidies to tax changes.

The liquidity as well as the stability of various commodity exchanges, like the CBOE, helps manufacturers, producers and other commodity related company operate efficiently and more effectively within the markets.

See below all available commodities:

Instrument Minimum Spread Min. Margin Requirement Stopout Level Minimum Trade Size Contract Size Tick Value (1 lot) Decimal  Places Trading Hours (GMT+2)
CRUDEOIL 0.03 10.00% 50% 0.1 1000 barrels 10 USD 0.01 01:00-24:00
BRENTOIL 0.05 10.00% 50% 0.1 1000 barrels 10 USD 0.01 03:00-23:00
NATURALGAS 0.007 10.00% 50% 0.1 10,000 mmBtu 10 USD 0.001 01:00-24:00
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Trading on the following three instruments takes place on the futures market, meaning these instruments are subject to expiry. Expiries will take place on the given dates and will take effect during the break in trade.

Contract Expiration Calendar
Contract Trio Markets Expiry
February 2018 Thursday 25 January 2018
Contract Trio Markets Expiry
February 2018 Friday 19 January 2018
March 2018 Monday 19 February 2018
April 2018 Monday 19 March 2018
May 2018 Thursday 19 April 2018
June 2018 Monday 21 May 2018
July 2018 Tuesday 19 June 2018
August 2018 Thursday 19 July 2018
September 2018 Monday 20 August 2018
October 2018 Wednesday 19 September 2018
November 2018 Friday 19 October 2018
December 2018 Friday 16 November 2018
January 2019 Tuesday 18 December 2018
Contract Trio Markets Expiry
March 2018 Tuesday 30 January 2018
April 2018 Tuesday 27 February 2018
May 2018 Wednesday 28 March 2018
June 2018 Friday 27 April 2018
July 2018 Wednesday 30 May 2018
August 2018 Thursday 28 June 2018
September 2018 Monday 30 July 2018
October 2018 Thursday 30 August 2018
November 2018 Thursday 27 September 2018
December 2018 Tuesday 30 October 2018
January 2019 Thursday 29 November 2018
February 2019 Thursday 27 December 2018
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Times are subject to change

Disclaimer: The information above is subject to change without notice due to unscheduled closures or liquidity issues



NATURALGAS – all open positions will be automatically closed out on the expiry date, and new positions in this instrument can only be opened by the client on the new contract. These contracts expire once a month, meaning that expiries will occur monthly on the dates designated in the table below.

BRENTOIL & CRUDEOIL – these are rolling futures contracts and any open positions held in these instruments will be rolled automatically from the current period contract into the next period contract and will remain open. If a client has any open positions in these instruments during the rollover, an automatic cash adjustment will take place in the client’s account to adjust for any price discrepancies between the old and new contracts. The rollovers will take place during the daily break in trade for both instruments, and the cash adjustment will be processed thereafter.


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