Refer a Friend

Would like to get an additional income with no trades opened?

TrioMarket™ is pleased to announce the new refer-a-friend program that will be rewarding for every our new or existing client. Help your friend to experience excellence of trading with TrioMarket™.

Make sure your referral friend is going to receive the best trading conditions and receive 10% of overall attracted investment.


How it works ?

Let your friend to know about your best experience with TrioMarkets™.
Get his approval of intent to start trading with us.
Register a friend or pass his contact details to your personal expert.
Your personal expert will help you to activate his new account.
You will receive 10% of overall attracted investment.


Payout of 10% (up $1500) from the amount of $500 – $10,000. For example, your friend opens and fund the account in the amount of $1000, you receive $100 on your trading account, once your friend trade the minimum amount of lots.

Register your friend and get benefits:

For more information please see Terms & Conditions.

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