At TrioMarkets™ we understand the importance of offering diversified products to our clients. Our skilled team has the ability to develop and analyse a number of strategies that have been tested vigorously against all types of market conditions. Our proprietary algorithms were derived from 15+ years of trading experience and were designed to mitigate and control risk while achieving a market-neutral approach to profit that is based on our clients’ investment profile and risk appetite.
TrioMarkets™ Trio Algo and Trio Matrix are offered to qualified investors and can be assessed through TrioMarkets™ family of investment vehicles. Request more information by signing up.

Benefits of using Trio Algo and Trio Matrix

Intelligent algorithmic output
Attractive risk-reward ratio
Competitive returns on investment
Build-in risk management
Hedging functions on selected currencies
Advantageous performance fee
Dedicated Customer Service
Funds in segregated account
Customer support 24/5


TrioMarkets™ Asset Management

ACCOUNT TYPES: Trio Algo Trio Matrix
Conservative- Moderate-30 Aggressive-
FX Leverage Up to 1:200 Up to 1:200
Minimum Deposit 50,000 $/£/€ 30,000 $/£/€ 45,000 $/£/€ 120,000 $/£/€
Performance Fee High Water Mark Model High Water Mark Model
Minimum Spread 2.0 pips 2.0 pips
Deposit/Withdrawal Wire transfer, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill Wire transfer, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal Frequency Monthly Monthly
Trio Academy E-Books, videos & education courses, 1:1 coaching E-Books, videos & education courses, 1:1 coaching

*under normal market conditions


Learn more about our Algos

At TrioMarkets™ we understand the importance of offering diversified products to our clients. We are proud to offer its clients a fully automated asset management solution on MT4, designed and developed after collaboration between our Tech and financial analysts teams.



TrioAlgo runs advanced functions with an algorithm that uses multifaceted mathematical models by validating predefined strategy rules based on specific criteria.

The Trading strategy is based on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs as they are inversely correlated amongst them as derivatives of the US dollar. The strategy uses correlation to manage exposure by utilising at certain cases a natural hedge between the three currency pairs and open orders by incorporating market divergences in order to optimize profits.



TrioMatrix is a sophisticated algorithm run on the back of many years of successful back and forward testing. The automated system analyses the market on a quantitative basis and opens a number of trades on correlating currency pairs simultaneously and in different quantities. 



TrioMatrix is a hedge fund strategy that trades prices discrepancies between two or more crosses currency pairs depending on the weight of two currency pairs the relationship between the cause and effect between a number of dependent and independent algorithmic variables (linear regression).

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