Segregated Funds by TrioMarkets

A segregated account is used to keep the customers' funds separate from the Company Funds.

This is done for a few reasons, including creating a clear separation between the two groups of money so neither is used for the wrong purpose, and also to make sure that the money can be easily identified as belonging to customers in case anything happens to the firm."

All clients with TrioMarkets will have a segregated account whereby your funds are secure and kept separate from our own.

All funds are held specifically within the Swissquote headquarters in Switzerland.

Swissquote Bank is one of the most reputable online trading firms/banks in Europe. Swissquote has over 500 employees and operates in over 7 countries with 10 branches worldwide, generating a revenue of around 150 million (CHF) and currently works with over 250,000 clients worldwide.

As a company TrioMarkets only works with the best in order to provide our clients with the best service possible. TrioMarkets will never use clients' funds in its operation or for any other investment, we ensure protection at all times.

Investor Compensation Fund:

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) was established under the Investment Firms (IF) Law 2002 as amended (hereinafter called “the Law”) and the Establishment and Operation of an Investor Compensation Fund for customers of ICFs Regulations of 2004 (hereinafter called “the Regulations”) which were issued under the Law.

The objective of the ICF is to secure any claims of covered clients against members of the ICF by paying these clients compensation in the case that the company is unable due to financial circumstances that are not likely to be improved in the near future.